Experienced Professionals

Pioneering an industry that began with many unknowns, ECP has transcended over 25 years while continuing to set the standard in a highly competitive market. Developing loyal partnerships with ESCOs, Project Developers, and Project Managers over the years, our clients return time and again. Providing unsurpassed design-build and construction services, and a project resume that includes more than 300 successfully completed projects, ECP is the choice contractor throughout the industry. Keeping up with changing times, ECP has developed innovative solutions to optimize energy savings for institutional, municipality, and government sectors alike.

Time tested

Through the highs and lows of an ever changing industry, we have remained a constant. Growing our company and further extending our reach into the market, we made a lasting impression with our industry clients. We take pride in always providing the same quality craftsmanship and superior service with each new project.

Client Base

Sought after by ESCOs, Project Developers, and Project Managers alike, ECP is afforded the extraordinary opportunity of providing our top quality services while working with a wide ranging client base.


Working in the energy performance (EPC) market, Energy Service Contractors (ESCOs) depend on us to deliver innovative solutions focused on reducing energy consumption while guaranteeing our proposed savings on investment.

Project Developers

Through the development stage, we work closely with project engineers and architects, assisting with the review process. Our tailored energy savings calculations, building mark-ups and proposals provide all necessary information required for project approval.

Project Managers

The most critical phase of a project is construction. Our experienced team works hand in hand with project managers to ensure the project runs seamlessly and on schedule while meeting and exceeding all client and customer expectations.

Project Development

Though ECP does price and implement pre-existing work scopes that are presented to us, we take great pride in the projects we develop from the beginning. We perform comprehensive building energy audits and design unique work scopes to include innovative energy savings measures while correcting building deficiencies.

Energy Savings Calculations

Driven by a belief in data verification, our energy savings calculations are based on ASHRAE principles. Over time we have tailored our calculations to include a diverse set of variables as to present our clients with the most accurate cost savings figures.

Review Process

The development phase can subject a project to a rigorous review process. Time and again ECP is called upon due to our vast experience with such processes. With our knowledge and assistance, our clients are able push projects through such stringent reviews as those of the New York State Education Department, Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, and other architectural and engineering organizations.

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