Our Services

ECP provides commercial weatherization services to our wide ranging client base, with over 25 years of experience in the Energy Performance Contract market. Taking a single-source approach, we offer design-build and project management services, far exceeding those of our competitors. Our “in-house” trained technicians bring with them unmatched experience and professionalism, ensuring even the most critically sensitive projects run on schedule, with the highest quality craftsmanship our clients deserve.

Single-Source Weatherization Contractor

At ECP, we understand time is of the utmost importance to our clients. Allowing us to be your trusted partner while letting us take care of the details will give your time back to focus elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our single-source business approach. Every aspect of the project, from inception and design through close out and warranty period, are methodically managed and carried out by our professional staff.

Trained Professionals

Our expert technicians bring with them years of experience working in the weatherization and construction industries, setting the bar for precision craftsmanship while exuding professionalism that remains unrivaled after 25+ years in business. All team members are trained on the newest products and installation methods, ranging from air sealing and weather stripping to high density spray applied polyurethane foam insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation.

Commercial Weatherization

ECP’s experienced technicians are trained in all facets of commercial weatherization, from air infiltration remediation to spray applied and blown-in insulation measures.

Air Infiltration Remediation

As a catalyst for excessive energy consumption and building occupant discomfort, air infiltration presents itself at various locations such as fenestrations, structural connections, and joints throughout a building. We are able to assess, address, and correct deficiencies at their source. Whether it be weather-stripping, applied sealants, or air barrier systems, we provide a variety of innovative options best suiting our client’s specific needs.


From attic to wall systems, ECP offers superior insulating products tailored to their project needs and requirements.

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Whether open blowing an attic floor or dense packing wall or ceiling cavities, using Nu-Wool Cellulose insulation provides benefits beyond just added R-value. Being an environmentally friendly “green” product while meeting and exceeding the most stringent of building codes, Nu-Wool provides advantages for our clients during the project submission process through post installation review and close out. As a certified installer of Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation, since 2003, our unparalleled experience ensures all installations are delivered with the highest quality and to project specifications.

Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam and Coatings

Offering both high density closed cell and low density open cell foam options allows us the capability to provide solutions to a diverse range of prospective insulation applications. Our trained sprayers bring with them precision application techniques and a comprehensive knowledge of polyurethane foam systems. The air-sealing qualities paired with its insulating properties brand spray applied polyurethane foam superior to other insulating products.


Beginning with project development, through construction and close-out, we provide industry leading design-build services our partners depend on. Alleviating the stress, we take the guesswork out of the process. Precise reporting and calculating through the development phase, exceptional coordination through construction, and accurate close out documentation, relieves any stress on our partners throughout the duration of the project.

Project Development

ECP’s professional Energy Auditors bring with them thirty plus years of combined experience in the commercial weatherization industry. Our comprehensive energy audits are conducted with integrity while our reports and calculations are prepared so as our partners are presented with all available findings and data. Based on ASHRAE models, the foundation of our calculations is embedded in the requisite for data verification and transparency. From experience with the New York State Education Department to the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, among other architectural and engineering organizations, ECP has the ability to assist our partners through some of the most rigorous review processes in the industry.

Project Construction

The client’s interests are our top priority moving into the construction phase, with coordination, professionalism, and quality being of the utmost importance. We take pride in knowing the dynamic between our project management team and installation crew is second to none. Our partners have come to expect the streamlined installation process we provide, each and every project.

Energy Performance Contracting

Driven by fluctuating utility costs, a need for facility modernization, and the aspiration towards “greener” buildings, Energy Performance Contracting is based on guaranteed cost savings produced by the implementation of energy efficient measures. Through our years of existence in the market, ECP has developed lasting partnerships with the most renowned Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Following through on our guaranteed energy savings, our projects are delivered turnkey, while being measured and proven by lower utility bills over the life of the project.

Project Management

ECP offers full project management services designed for all projects in which we are involved. Beginning the moment we get “boots on the ground,” until our trucks pull away, we afford our clients the ability to re-direct their focus away from the anxieties associated with project coordination. From project manager to site supervisor our team works in unison to deliver on a promise to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience our valued clients deserve.

Optimized Project Coordination

Upon contract execution, we layout the framework leading to successful project completion by providing detailed, easy-to-follow scheduling as well as address the more intricate details at pre-construction client meetings. We believe communication is the premier component to a successful project, and is established from the very beginning. The nature of construction is ever changing throughout the course of a project. All projects are monitored on a daily basis, allowing us the ability to quickly and seamlessly adapt to any potential transitions or deviations to the schedule along the way. We understand the sensitivity and complexity of our work environments and conscientiously position our client’s interests as our highest priority. At ECP, we believe providing accurate and up-to-date progress reporting regularly and offering schedule forecasting is vital to project transparency. Because our objective is to remain “unseen” during the construction phase, providing our partners with clear, concise reporting and scheduling allows us the ability to successfully manage a multidimensional project coordination effort. Through final walk-through and project close-out, we stand side by side with our partners every step of the way. Coupled with supreme craftsmanship and professionalism, we take great pride in providing our clients with management services not to be rivaled by competitors.

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