Project Name: City of Boston
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Issue: Typical Energy Loss Issues Relating to Door, Windows, and Building Joints
Solution: Installation of Door Weather Stripping, Caulking and Foam Sealants to Reduce Infiltration

Full of history and culture, the City of Boston spans nearly fifty square miles and is home to some 710,000 residents. From police stations to fire houses, libraries to community centers, the number of buildings in need of energy efficient upgrades is abundant. Originally contacted to verify findings of, and savings associated with a preliminary work scope, ECP performed a full energy audit of select buildings to receive upgrades.

Audit findings determined that building envelope deficiencies were present throughout each building. From lack of, and non-functioning door weather seals, to degraded window sealants and unsealed building joints, points of air infiltration were ample. ECP’s proposed work scope consisted of typical measures, including door weather stripping, window caulking, and joint air sealing.

With the development phase complete, the focus shifted to construction. Working across a major Metropolitan area where attention to logistics was imperative, our project management team assumed the lead, relieving the burden of project coordination from city management officials. The effort allowed our installation team to maneuver from building to building, adhering to a delicate project schedule.

Navigating the city while working under daily time constraints provided us the opportunity to test our schedule optimization practices. Implementing the proposed energy savings measures, ECP delivered as promised, allowing the customer to focus attention to other facets of the overall project. The successful completion laid the foundation for future partnerships on prospective larger scale retrofit projects with the City of Boston.