Bangor Airport

Project Name: Bangor International Airport
Location: Bangor, ME
Issue: Lack of Adequate Insulation, Typical Energy Loss
Solution: 62,868 Sq. Ft. SPF Insulation Applied to Walls & Intumescent Coating Applied, Implementation of Infiltration Remediation Measures

Formerly known as Dow Air Force Base, Bangor International Airport is located in Maine’s Penobscot County. Including the main terminal, fleet and maintenance buildings, along with three nose docks, ECP performed an energy efficiency evaluation on the structures.

Energy savings opportunities presented throughout each building, with the most substantial findings among the three nose docks. Exposed fiberglass panels at the exterior metal walls of each structure offered very poor insulating qualities. As a result, each nose dock was burning through hundreds of gallons of fuel each day during peak heating season.

With new capabilities, we proposed installation of high density spray polyurethane foam insulation as an upgrade to the existing fiberglass. The air sealing qualities plus the insulation value of the SPF were seen as a perfect fit to the overall goal of improving energy efficiency of nose docks 10, 12, and 13.

Working first, second, and third shifts as necessary to accommodate the everyday operations of the airport facilities, our crew diligently carried out the implementation of the proposed work scope. From removing all existing wall insulation and cleaning the surface areas to applying and fire coating nearly 63,000 square feet of spray polyurethane foam insulation, ECP met and exceeded all expectations for the success of the project.

To date, this installation stands as the most significant in scale for our spray foam division. Deploying “all hands on deck” over the duration of the project, ECP successfully implemented a wide range of energy savings measures in a challenging project environment.