Empire State Realty Trust

Project Name: Empire State Trust (Malkin Properties/W&M Properties)
Location: New York, NY
Issue: Lack of Adequate Door Weather Stripping
Solution: Installation of weather stripping at  Entry and Fire Escape Doors

Formerly known as both Malkin Properties and W&M Properties, Empire State Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust company based in New York, NY. With a property portfolio including twenty buildings throughout the borough of Manhattan and surrounding metropolitan area, ESRT owns, manages, and operates office and retail properties. ECP was asked to provide pricing to upgrade door weather stripping at five Midtown Manhattan locations. Accommodating our client’s desires, we worked to incorporate materials that would work aesthetically with the existing door surroundings. Whether brass, bronze, glass, or painted steel door, our material solutions were reviewed and approved by our client. Upon materials approval, working from top floor to bottom, we began the weather stripping installation. Navigating the daily logistics of working in high rise buildings positioned throughout a major metropolitan area, while teaming with the local glaziers union, our crew methodically completed each building one by one. The process of submitting material solutions to our client provided us the opportunity to research products new to ECP, allowing us to expand on our existing product options. Meeting and exceeding expectations, the successful completion of the project resulted in a request for additional work at two other client properties located in Westchester County, NY.