Regional School Unit 24

Project Name: Regional School Unit 24
Location: Eastbrook, Prospect Harbor, Steuben, Sullivan, Maine
Issue: Lack of Effective Air Barrier 24,893 sq ft – major source heat loss, ice damming at eaves
Solution: Installation of Rigid Board Insulation to Underside of Roof Truss System, Creating Effective Air Barrier

Situated in “downeast” Maine, Regional School Unit 24 encompasses the townships of Eastbrook, Prospect Harbor, Steuben, and Sullivan. Asked to perform a district wide energy survey, ECP developed a work scope to address our client’s needs and concerns along with our own findings.
The survey uncovered typical building envelope deficiencies such as points of air infiltration and inadequate insulation throughout district buildings. One glaring issue, however, presented itself during the survey. The lack of a consistent air barrier throughout multiple buildings created a major source of heat loss as conditioned air traveled freely through existing fiberglass insulation, to ventilated space between the roof deck and insulation plane. While the unwanted air transfer resulted in high energy costs as well as severe ice damming at the soffit overhang of the building.

Knowing the impracticality of installing a “hard” ceiling above a suspended drop tile ceiling, ECP developed a unique, cost effective solution to impede the air transfer while enhancing the R-value of the existing the insulation. Using Dow Thermax Sheathing while sealing all joints and connections, our experienced crew installed a continuous air barrier, spanning nearly 25,000 square feet, throughout 3 district school buildings.

The scale of the measure was the first of its kind for ECP. A highly coordinated effort between the project management team, installation crew, and district staff was crucial to the successful implementation of the new air barrier.