Scarsdale Public Schools

Project Name: Scarsdale Public Schools
Location: Scarsdale, New York
Issue: Lack of Adequate Attic Insulation Coupled With Typical Energy Loss Deficiencies
Solution: Installation of Nearly 92,000 Square Feet of Blown-In Cellulose Insulation and More Than 16,000 Square Feet of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

A suburb of Manhattan, Scarsdale is situated in New York’s Westchester County. Including seven school buildings, with earliest construction dating to 1912, the potential for energy savings opportunity seemed abundant. Developing a work scope based on the findings of our energy audit confirmed our belief in the potential opportunity.

Common building envelope deficiencies such infiltration around door perimeters and other locations throughout the buildings were evident, however, the lack of adequate insulation or non-existence of insulation throughout attic spaces was incredible. As a major source of heat loss, crafting insulation measures was imperative to remediate the deficiency.

Aside from typical weather stripping measures, our crews installed more than 90,000 square feet of blown in and dense pack cellulose insulation along with 16,000 plus square feet of high density spray polyurethane foam insulation. Running multiple crews, each designated to the installation of specific measures ensured streamlined coordination efforts over the duration of the project.

A first for ECP, the installation of the high density spray polyurethane foam laid the foundation for the future of our spray foam division. The installation laid the groundwork for the success of our SPF division.