Town of Lancaster

Project Name: Town of Lancaster
Location: Lancaster, NY
Issue: Typical Energy Loss, Inadequate Insulation, Windows Poor Condition
Solution: Implementation of Other Measures, Added Insulation, Window Replacement

East of the City of Buffalo in New York’s Erie County, the Town of Lancaster consists of ten department buildings situated south of the New York State Thruway. Brought onboard later in the development stage of the project, we were asked to review and price a multifaceted work scope.

Once awarded construction, ECP began coordination of the logistics involved in a project which included not only common door weather stripping and air sealing measures, but also, a 10,000 plus square foot air barrier, 8,000 square feet of blown in attic insulation, and nearly 80 window replacements. Allocating all available man power during construction, designated crews were assigned to specific scope measures, with all involved in the window replacements.

On site project management and coordination efforts were vital to the successful implementation of the diverse work scope measures. Our skilled crew members offered us the flexibility to work on separate tasks among multiple buildings at one time while limiting the impact of our presence during operational building hours.

The project was a success on multiple levels for both ECP and our client. While implementing energy savings solutions for our client, this project showcased the talent of both our crew members and project management team how critical it is to the overall success of a project.